Dr. Nanees (from the Dental Department) has been very nice and professional Doctor. I am always feel afraid from dentist but doctor Nanees is my best Doctor I feel comfortable when I visited the clinic now❤

By DalalElnagi

Doctor Poornima was very professional and took me through the process very calmly. The nurses also were very supportive to me.

By Mrs. Grace

According to my experience, it’s almost perfect from the start, we understand what to do and how much it will cost and in one day all is planned. All stay our accommodating, and they will explain well the procedure.

By Mr Jose Miguel A Asuncion

Dear you are Super, Duper Nurses, you have compassion and knowledge and you know what needs to be done. Heartfelt thanks for all of you. Once again thanks to all my kind nurses who helped me to overcome my illness, and special thanks to sister Thrishal, Ida, Remya& Lakshmi With all my Love & Respect from

By Dr. Karishma

Great institutions are made by great teams and such wonderful team is the Right wing nursing staffs, who are so selfless and determined for patient care and would make the utmost Effort to provide excellent patient care irrespective of circumstances. Notable gems like Suja, Ida, Nisha, Anu Elisabeth and Tinto are always there making efforts to enhance patient care.

By Ms. Salahah

I work in medical field and I know what genuine service is. My experience with dental department for my 2 kids was just perfect. One of my kids was having dentist phobia, we failed to do any interventions at 5 different visits to different doctors. But with the exceptional experience and professionalism that he was treated with he was able to be out of it. My other kid also had excellent anxiety and pain- free procedure. Thank you DrShangeeth and dental hygienist Mr. Aamer.

By HafsaYamak

Being a former dentist, I can say as my professional opinion that Dr. Nanees El Sukka is incredible and one of the most professional dentist I have ever been to. Not only she has effectively planned my treatment, but also she is capable of making her patient comfortable and relaxed. She is a rare to find doctor who combines the personal touches and care for the patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!

By George Nessim

I am fully satisfied with the job done by the hospital. My wife first baby gift in this hospital. Dr. Prasanth is great in his work the complete department is very supportive and kind with the patient. It took 25 hours but the team made possible the normal delivery. I strongly recommend anyone who's getting worried about the child and mother. Without second thought go to DrPrashantHegde. I m overwhelmed with the amount of love affection and support by Lady doctors, nurses and house keeping...

By ajaysingh

Dr. AniPurushothaman, Specialist, Internal Medicine is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is nice and professional to speak with and to share your ailments. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend. The services that I received at Thumbay Hospital Ajman are excellent and the staff are competent, friendly and they always ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would like to thank all Nurses, Mr. Vipish and Mr. Razak as well, who took proper care. Friendly and Family hospital. Complete care.

By Krishna SudheerNaikDumavath

For a long time i was suffering the pain because if my illness and visited many clinic, but not recovered. Finally I visited Thumbayhospital, Ajman and I was done the surgery in last week. After the surgery I was fine and i am very happy, Thanks to God Thanks to my surgeon Dr. Ashish, Nurse Ms.Dana, Mr.Vipish, Mr.Imran who recommended me to Thumbayhospital, ajman and all other administration staffs Really it was a wonderful experience Keep up the great job. I would recommend your hospital and prefer always Thumbay hospital, Ajman

By Maribel coloma

I had to stay at Thumbay Hospital Ajman for 23 days due to Covid 19. I was not in a good condition when I went in for Emergency section. They admitted me very quickly and gave necessary treatment and made sure I feel comfortable. Following days I was in ICU and since I couldn't meet my family and friends, all necessary moral support and love was shown by the excellent team of nurses in ICU and the doctors helped me a lot to gather my courage to face my stressful days. Insurance team, cleaning services, food everything was very good. Appreciate the staff of Thumbay and management for their service. Specially Dr. Sara, Dr. Anne, DrZeinab and DrRajeshree Ganesh.Also sister Nimi and Mr. Razak Insurance PAD.

By Claudysbs

I wouldn't think twice before saying that this hospital had made the most precious moment of my life, delivery of my first child, the most memorable and comfortable one. All the doctors, nurses, and support staff was there with us not only physically performing their duties but being so supportive emotionally. Both my wife and my baby were taken care amazingly. A special thanks to Doctor Umer for being so kind and supportive in terms of management.

By Shahroz Saleem

To All ER Team, you have save my life!!! Thank you Very Much!!! my 2nd Life... ER Dr. and Dr. Padma for their professional attending emergency situation and comforting ways. Well Appreciated... There team did not waste time...saving my life.

By Allen Arrozal

Dr. Amer is incontestably the best dental hygienist in town and you can never miss his kindness and amazing approach to keep you relaxed and smiling. A true professional plenty of attention and joy and always ready to explain and care...

By Mate Watta

I visited hospital for my neck pain and I check with DrMujeebShaikh The doctor prescribed me some medicine and physiotherapy. I took the 5 therapy sessions from Dr. Gulshan and Alhamdulilah with medicine and physiotherapy I am feeling well now I am satisfied with the dr as well as the therapist and with definitely recommend others. Furthermore I would like to suggest to add acupuncture treatment also in your hospital. Thanks

By Qasim Javaid

I would like to take a minute to appreciate Ms. Gulshan that she is great Physiotherapist. She had encourage and knows how to push and motivate me to reach my potential for my full recovery. Our therapy sessions and the exercises help me progress and this made a big difference in my recovery. I will never forget her patience and compassion towards her patients. I also want to take this opportunity to commend you for the quality of service that you and your staff provide to your patients

By Manoj Shetty

I would like to thanks to Dr. Gulshan (physiotherapist) for her marblous hard work and given more attention to my pain and used her experience to reduced my back shoulder & neck pain more than 60% within 2 days. She had explained the treatments which was implemented on me i.e instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and nemodynamics. I'll recommended same treatment to all those who are suffering same disease/pain like me. Again special thanks to Dr. Gulshan and your management.

By Anil Krushna Mishra

I would like to Thank Dr. Ishwar Chandra Prem Sagar, Neuro surgeon and Hospital management for providing me excellent service under emergency circumstances

By Muhammad Azam shah sher | Pakistan

I am Professor Aliyu Abdullahi a Nigerian from Nigerian Defense Academy Kaduna Nigeria the only Military University in West Africa sub region. Thumbay Hospital Ajman UAE was introduced to me by my colleague Brigadier Gen. A. T Jibrin and Air Vice Marshal Shehu both of them are from Nigerian Defence Academy. I hold the Provost at my Institution.

By Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi

Teachers Health Awareness Week a Thumbay Group Initiative an amazing approach. With great pleasure,  I would like to thank you for conducting an amazing approach. A beneficial help from one noble professionals doctors to another noble professionals teachers.

By Tasnim Quresh Adenwala | Sharjah

Nursing staff efforts should be appreciated-Hard working. Doctors are also excellent. Will recommend the Thumbay Hospital Ajman to others.

By Sundus Ather

Excellent Service Provided. Keep up the good work. A Big thank you to all team Member of Thumbay Hospital Ajman. Proud to be a part of it.

By Mendonca Justina Nancy Willian

Thanks to Doctor and all Nursing staff, Really Appreciate your Hard work

By Muhammad Najib Ullah

I am 100% Satisfied. Please continue the same

By Rajesh Kumar Natarajan

“We appreciate the care and courtesy provided to my wife and my new born baby. Thank you so much”

By Ms. Sonia

“Your team was professional and kind enough to give us good, ethical services. Keep it up. All the best. May Allah reward you.”

By Mr. Mohammed Yaser

I am Rania AL Sidiq Al sheik I had sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in your hospital by Dr. Tamer Saafan who was a good representative for the hospital and he has all the favor after God that it was a very successful surgery and he is the main reason that made me decide doing the surgery also thanks to Mrs. AMY she helped me a lot to finish all procedures.

By Rania AL Sidiq