Things to Know About Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy

  1. What is diagnostic nasal endoscopy?
    Diagnostic nasal endoscopy (DNE), is a procedure performed inside the nose to evaluate the nasal cavity using a thin and slender illuminated fiberoptic instrument.
  1. Why is DNE performed?
    The interior of the nose is a large roomy cavity which cannot be examined in detail with the traditional headlight. During the routine nasal examination, a small area in front of the nose is illuminated allowing a “keyhole” view of the front part of the nose while rest of the nasal cavity remains dark. An endoscope, with its superior illumination and magnification, provides a detailed look at the internal nasal anatomy, the opening of the sinuses, back side of the nose, and the nasal end of the Eustachian tube (the tube connecting the nose and the ear).
  1. Is it a painful procedure?
    It is a relatively painless procedure wherein the nose is initially anesthetized and decongested. A combination of medicines containing a nasal decongestant and a local anesthetic is used to reduce the swelling in the nasal membranes to permit an easy passage of the endoscope and temporarily numb the nose. The procedure is rarely painful, but seldom, the patients may experience little discomfort if the nasal cavity in unusually narrow or if the nasal lining is very swollen.
  1. What are the expected complications?
    As the procedure takes a few minutes, there are almost nil complications. Seldom there may be nasal bleed following the examination. The bleeding is usually subtle and stops spontaneously.
  1. Which are the conditions where DNE is indicated?
    Routinely DNE is performed in patients having sinusitis and nasal polyps. DNE can also be done in patients having loss of smell, recurrent ear infections, bleeding from the nose and post nasal surgery.
  1. Does this procedure require admission in the hospital?
    No, this procedure being minimally invasive, it can be safely performed in the out-patient department.

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