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Welcome to Quality Management – Thumbay Healthcare Division

High-quality care means the patient care team does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right person to get the best results. Healthcare Experts agree that there are six key components of healthcare quality.

According to the Institute of Medicine quality health care is:

  • Safe: Making sure patient care is helpful and not harmful
  • Timely: Reducing delays that can prove harmful
  • Effective: Providing proven services only to patients who can benefit from them and not to those who can’t (avoiding underuse, overuse, and misuse)
  • Efficient: Avoiding the waste of equipment, supplies, time, and money — waste that can affect you and others
  • Equitable: Providing equal care for every patient, regardless of gender, ethnicity, geographic location, social status, or economic status
  • Patient centered: Providing care that respects and responds to each patient’s preferences, needs, and values — and using these guidelines to make decisions

Thumbay healthcare is committed to improving quality care, patient experience and safety for all patients, visitors and employees. The culture of safety encourages employees to be patient advocates, which provides an opportunity to ultimately ensure optimal quality care for our patients.

Our commitment to Quality is reflected through involvement of top management by providing leadership and support for all quality management activities across the division.

Quality Management department has an established leadership and organizational infrastructure to ensure the safety, efficiency and high standard quality patient care which are integral part of healthcare operations across the enterprise. Quality team encourages optimal clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction by improving efficiency thereby lowering the overall healthcare cost. The department also collaborates with healthcare providers to achieve the goals of the organization and improve patients and families experience

The Quality Management department works closely with healthcare organizations of Thumbay healthcare division and facilitates quality improvement initiatives to continuously improve care by maintaining a risk-free environment and assuring compliance with various national and international quality accreditations.