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The department of Nephrology is well-equipped to handle problems ranging from basic care, dialysis etc. to critical care, kidney transplant and nephron radiology. Our expert Nephrologists, trained dialysis technicians and experienced nurses work as a cohesive team delivering inpatient and outpatient care to nephrology patients, round the clock.


The department is equipped with advanced hemodialysis machines. Highly specialized monitors aid in the continuous monitoring of patients on dialysis, throughout the procedure. Temporary/Permanent catheter insertions, Acute Peritoneal dialysis in children, pain relief services and intensive care for post-operative patients etc. are also available.

The department also provides care to ICU patients with acute renal failure, volume disturbances or electrolyte and acid base disorders. Kidney transplants are followed up with excellent post-transplant care. Nephrology problems in children are specially dealt with. Nephro radiology services like plain x-ray, IVP and Ultrasound KUB are administered as required.

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