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Orthopedic Surgery


The department of orthopaedics is an independent department with its own scope of services i.e., Patient’s care, medical graduate teaching and related clinical research; provided with the help of five qualified MOH licensed physicians having vast range of knowledge and experience on various aspects of orthopaedics on all the seven days of week, 12 hours per day.


Accident and Emergency Orthopaedic services including surgical procedures are provided 24x 7x 365 days by the department staying in house during Saturday through Friday. On call doctors are backup by a second on call specialists/ consultant who is one of the senior staff of the department from 8.30AM to 8.30 AM next day; on rotation basis.


Orthopaedics services are provided/ available to outpatients, inpatients and referral patients on emergent, urgent and elective basis depending upon the need Saturday through Friday, weekends , holidays and are instantly available wherever required. Type of Major Surgeries Performed:
  • Arthroscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic, for sport injuries of knee, shoulder and ankle joint.
  • Spine, joint replacement surgeries.
  • Bone tumor, hand reconstruction surgery.
  • Amputation.
  • Paediatric orthopaedics including corrective surgery for congenital deformities, like club foot, CDH.
  • Tendon repair, reconstruction, including hand injuries.
  • Soft tissue injuries of limbs.
  • All types of advanced fracture fixation and dislocation cases.
  • Bone, joint and spine infection. Degenerative joint disorders.
  • Interlocking intramedullary nailing.
The department of orthopaedics is supported by modern instruments, ultra modern operation theatre with competent anesthesia facilities including C-arm and power equipments and investigation modalities along with a highly motivated physiotherapy team. In addition, there is a procedure room in OPD and minor operation theatre in Accident and emergency where the procedures not requiring anesthesia like joint aspiration, intra-articular injections, corrective plaster casts for CTEV, plaster slab and cast (application and removal), major/ minor dressings, removal of stitches are undertaken.

Special Services

We can arrange home visits to give special advice to patients who cannot move. We can also offer services to cover trauma and orthopaedic care during special events on pre appointed dates.

Social Services

We participate on special day care to offer free diagnostic consultations to all groups of patients on dates allocated by Thumbay hospital, Ajman. Patients seen at free diagnostic camp are offered treatment at cost effective basis of health care.


Department of Orthopaedics is directed by an MOH licensed Consultant “ A ” and Academician with wide experience in teaching, patient care and research and staff by qualified physicians licensed by MOH. The teaching faculty has successfully completed and approved orthopaedics postgraduate degree programme from a universities recognized and accepted by MOH; and are having previous teaching experience in the subject for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. All the basic advanced and non-operative procedures are performed as a part of teaching to medical graduates. Faculty takes part in undergraduate teaching of physiotherapy and medical students on regular basis, round the year. In addition active participation in training/ teaching of Accident & emergency staff, clinical resident, male and female care assistants is undertaken on regular basis. Faculties actively participate in clinical society meeting organized by Thumbay Hospital, Ajman and GMU: Seminar, symposium, workshops, conferences and other faulty development programmes are regularly participated.

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P.O Box: 4184 , Ajman, UAE Tel: +971 6 746 3333 Fax: +971 6 746 4444 Email: thajman@thumbayhospital.ae