Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Center Sharjah is jewel of the hospital. The department serves to all strata s of population & serves length & breaths of the surgical specialty in an exceptional manner at most cost effective manner & to the best of satisfaction of all the concerned. The services are available even on Friday to cater better for the needy.


  • Most Scientific & Modern diagnosis of all surgical cases
  • Emergency situation on surgery like trauma, burns are handled as soon as person arrives with problem as department is backed up by Radiology & lab services

Minor Surgeries

  • Breast Masses
  • Breast abscesses & inflammations
  • Any fissure, Fistula & Abscess, peri anal abscesses, ischiorectal abscess
  • Cervical Lymph node Biopsies
  • Lip abscesses
  • Nasal abscess
  • Neck & axillary abscesses
  • Sebaceous cysts, dermoid cysts anywhere in the body with or without inflammation
  • Lymphomas of any sizes in any situation even in difficult position
  • In growing toenail surgery
  • No recurrence tumors anywhere in head face, trunx, Hands & limbs
  • Kidney stones, bladder & ureter stones, Gallbladder stones
  • Appendix, Hernia & Hemorrhoids, Vericocele, hydrocoele

We do circumcision on immediate basis from kids to adult regardless of the age


Contact Us

P.O Box: 77773 , Sharjah, UAE
Tel:  +971 6 5358111
Fax: +971 6 5358222
Email: thsharjah@thumbayhospital.ae