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Thumbay Hospital


The department of general surgery is an important part of this hospital. It provides excellent clinical services to the needy patients including round the clock emergency services.

The Surgical Department is providing the medical care by team of well qualified surgeons for seven days a week provides comprehensive health care for the population of Fujairah and suburb like Kalba, Khor fakkan, Al- Qurraya and people from Oman border area as well.


Emergency surgical consultations are provided round the clock.

Our team is made up of considerate and efficient surgeons who take pride in giving justified and quality management to the patients.

We take care of our patients like our own relatives, rather than an outsider, giving ample care and priority to their lost work hours in taking treatment.


For In-patients

  • Appendectomy open and laparoscopic
  • Diagnostic Laparotomy/Laparoscopic
  • Cholecystectomy open and Laparoscopic
  • Hernioplasty ventral open and Laparoscopic
  • Hernioplasty Inguinal open and Laparoscopic
  • Hemorroidectomy open and MIPH
  • Fistulectomy
  • Fissurectomy
  • Sphinchterotomy
  • Pilonidal sinus excision
  • Incision and drainage of Peri-anal abscess
  • Partial and complete excision of in-growing Toe nail
  • Breast lump excision
  • Circumcision
  • Hydrocele
  • Thyroid surgery.
  • Corn excision (Planter wart excision)
  • Foreign body removal

For Out-patient

  • Dressings.
  • Suturing of minor cuts and wounds.
  • Suture removal.
  • Incision & drainage of small cutaneous abscesses.
  • Catheterization.
  • Foreign body removal.

Academics & Research

We have been involved in doing a case control study at our facility with consent from our patients.

Topic: Factors attributing to diabetic foot ulcer: A hospital based case-controlled study in Fujairah

We are also involved in teaching medical students, Pharmacy and dental students.

Our team has been involved in giving community educations to take care of common surgical problems by giving lectures and by writing in local magazines.

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