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The department of Obstetrics & Gynecology is the pride of this hospital. Our Department provides excellent clinical service to the needy patients including round the clock emergency services. Well organized health services supported with CAP accredited lab & 3D, 4D ultrasound.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is specialized in antenatal care, infertility, gynecological disease pertaining to puberty, reproductive age group and peri and post-menopausal ages, screening for general health of women.


The department grew from a small obstetric unit to start with to the present size of comprehensive Obstetrics & Gynecology department providing outpatient (including specialty clinics), inpatient, and emergency services along with painless Labour & Delivery service, Operative services including minor & major OBG surgeries.

Departmental faculty provides education to community imparting knowledge in health. Clinicians in the department are actively involved in continuous professional development including research activities which contributes for the departmental growth.


Emergency services

  • Specialist and General Physician are available for emergency management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Out Patient Services

  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Regular and antenatal care
  • Antenatal care for high risk pregnancies including multiple pregnancy, IUGR, Hypertension in pregnancy, diabetes with pregnancy endocrine disease with multidisciplinary management
  • Ultrasound for fetal wellbeing, aneuploidy screening, 4D ultrasound.
  • Care for general health of women of all ages
    • Breast examination
    • Pelvic examination
    • Screening for genital infection
    • Pap Smear
    • Colposcopy
    • Ultrasound Pelvis
    • Ultrasound Breast
    • Advice on Family Planning and contraception
  • Management of Gynecological Disorders
    • Treatment of common gynecological infections
    • Evaluation of menstrual irregularities by hormonal assessment and endometrial sampling in OPD.
    • Evaluation of infertility couples
      • Semen Analysis
      • HSG
      • Hormonal Assay
      • Laparoscopy
      • Ovulation Induction
  • Counseling and treatment of peri and post-menopausal symptoms.
  • IUCD insertion and removal
  • Operative Gynecology
    • Hysterectomy
    • Myomectomy
    • Ovarian and tubal surgery
    • Pelvic reconstruction surgery
    • Laparoscopy / Laparotomy
    • Normal delivery
    • Instrumental delivery
    • LSCS

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