Otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery is a dynamic speciality, with subspecialities of otology, neurotology, rhinology, facial plastic surgery, laryngology , phonosurgery, head and neck oncology, bronchoesophagology and pediatric otolaryngology. The ENT surgeon is involved in diseases extending from the skull base to the chest.


Patients with the common complaints of headache, sore throat, voice change, sneezing, nose block and discharge are attended to in the ENT department. Patients who have swellings and infections of the face and neck including salivary gland pathologies are common referrals.

Ear pain, hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness patients are common ear complaints.
Patients with respiratory allergies are frequent referrals. Foreign bodies in the nose and ears are common pediatric emergencies. Impacted fish and chicken bones are emergencies in adults. Children with foreign bodies In the oesophagus and  bronchus are also seen.

Facial trauma and nasal bone fractures present to the ER often. We are often called for repair of lacerations of the nose, face and ear.


The ENT department offers diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear nose and throat and head and neck. Outpatient services are provided everyday from Saturday to Thursday. Minor surgical procedures are performed in the OP. There is a dedicated ENT consultation room with nasal and laryngeal telescopes and a treatment room with a microscope

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