Child Vaccinations

Date: Jan 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2018

Time: All Hours

Location: Thumbay Medical & Dental Speciality Centre, Sharjah

The Department of Pediatrics (Child Care) is one of the very popular services in Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Center Sharjah.


  •  Monitoring Growth & Development.
  •  Feeding and Nutritional services
  •  Effective Vaccination services.
  •  Outpatient services
  •  Effective Management of Emergency and Short Stay admission cases.
  •  Asthma Clinical treatment as an emergency including NNebulization if necessary.
  •  Administration of IV and IM antibiotics as the case demands.
  •  Management of Chronic Illnesses
  •  Management of Malnutrition, Mentally Challenged and AAutism patients case by case basis.
  •  Ear piercing services