The Department of Internal Medicine is one of the core specialties providing outpatient and inpatient services for a wide range of medical illnesses and emergencies. The department is staffed with highly experienced consultants and specialists rendering expert service in a caring and friendly environment.

The department has a special clinic for Diabetes & Endocrinology that deals with:

  • All types of Diabetes with comprehensive counseling regarding the daily diabetic care and long term follow up with dietary management of diabetes and its complications through team care.
  • Obesity and eating disorders.
  • Disorders of thyroid, pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine glands.
  • Abnormal hair growth and menstrual irregularities in females including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
  • Lipid disorders. Osteoporosis and menopausal problems.

Our physicians have expertise in treating Hypertension, Diabetes, Ischemic heart disease, Asthma, Renal diseases, Gastrointestinal diseases, & Endocrinal disorders etc.

  • Assessment of diabetes control by blood, urine testing and arrangements for 24 hours glucose monitoring.
  • Dynamic testing of various endocrine functions.
  • Thyroid ultrasound and fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology.
  • Electrocardiogram, Ultrasonography, Vascular Doppler Study, CT – Scan.
  • Upper GIT Endoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy.
  • Spirometry Test(Lung Function Test)
  • Pleural Fluid Aspiration
  • Ascites fluid Aspiration
  • Lumbar Puncture


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