Thumbay Hospital Ajman is one of the leading private medical providers in the United Arab Emirates. The hospital has been a first choice destination for affordable healthcare for patients from over 120 nationalities. Since 1998, Thumbay Hospital has been striving to provide excellent medical services. This is evident from the fact that our hospital caters to over 1500 patients every day in its OPD.

Our international medical tourists do not come to us as our patients. We treat them as our guests.

How We Operate

The Thumbay Medical Tourism Department functions for all the hospitals under the group. We have a team in our hospitals in Ajman, Dubai and India. Thus all members of the team at the particular location function according to the hospital norms and guidelines. We also receive enquiries individually as well as on our group, thus they are handled appropriately.

Step 1: This journey of medical tourism starts with an email/ phone contact or by filling our online registration form.

Step 2: Our representative will then establish contact with the prospective patient and acknowledges the query subsequently liaising with the specialist doctor.

Step 3: The treatment plan and a cost estimate is obtained from the specialist doctor and provided to the prospective patient.

Step 4: Upon agreeing the treatment plan, all necessary arrangements like travel, accommodation, visa etc. are made.

We ensure to provide best facilities for patients, creating personalized care you may require while you are here in UAE for medical tourism trip.

We provide the affordable healthcare packages, which can be customized or changed to individual requirements to best fit the budget and schedule for our tourists.

Services We Provide

  • Airport pick & Drop Off
  • Visa Services*
  • Hotel Accommodation*
  • Hotel Pick & Drop
  • Sightseeing in Dubai
  • Desert Safari*
  • Spa services at our Body & Soul Spa*