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Technology at Thumbay Hospitals


As an international business conglomerate which recognizes technology as the key driver of growth, Thumbay Group lays a lot of emphasis on embracing technological advancements. The Healthcare Division of the Group is deeply committed to delivering the best healthcare services to its customers and hence are constantly involved in innovating and adopting the latest technology.

Thumbay Hospitals have made good use of information technology in simplifying the process of booking appointments, by enabling online booking on the website. The hospitals also use online insurance and online prescription platforms. The Android app of Thumbay Hospital is available for free download and delivers a host of services to users, like virtual tour of the hospitals, updates of camps/events, information on medical tourism services, as well as health monitors such as BMI calculator and Pregnancy/Ovulation trackers. The hospitals are also active across all major social media platforms, ensuring better reach and access.

Thumbay Hospitals have digital screens for displaying patient data, in addition to digital signage installed to promote wellness programs and provide information; all aimed at serving the patients better.

Among the recent technologies incorporated by Thumbay Hospitals is the implementation of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) across all their Radiology labs. This makes it possible to efficiently store (short and long term), retrieve, manage, distribute and present medical images. Thumbay Labs, the diagnostics company of Thumbay Group which operates the labs of the hospitals and clinics under the Group use advanced technology which makes lab reports available online within one hour of the tests.

Thumbay Hospitals have integrated wireless technology into the hospital systems. Wireless phones are used in the hospitals for calling nurses as well as for crucial actions like activating code blue & eliciting quick response. Furthermore, Hospital Information System (HIS) is fully integrated, enabling speedy ordering of materials, prompt report generation and quick retrieval of patients’ files.