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Thumbay Group was founded in 1998 by a third generation entrepreneur from India, Dr. Thumbay Moideen. Today, almost two decades after its inception, the group has blossomed into a diversified international business conglomerate with operations in 20 sectors including Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Retail Pharmacy, Health Communications, Retail Opticals, Wellness, Nutrition Stores, Hospitality, Real Estate, Publishing, Technology, Media, Events, Medical Tourism, Trading and Marketing & Distribution.

The Thumbay Group is renowned for its high quality of service through innovation while gaining trust and respect in the minds of people and has a vision of being a leader in what it does and creating a mark in the global arena.

Thumbay Group UAE envisages a fast paced growth over the coming few years. Thumbay Group is in dialogue with leading companies from abroad, to be associated as business partners in the Middle East to strike an alliance in dealing and trading with products and services. Thumbay Group is keen to undertake franchisee operations in the Gulf region in order to open up chains of Coffee Shoppe, Health Club, Pharmacies, Laboratories and Opticals shops.