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Marhaba Services


The ‘Marhaba Lounge’ of Thumbay Hospital – Dubai, the leading academic hospital owned and operated by Thumbay Group UAE, was officially inaugurated by Dr Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Director – The Medical Tourism Council, Dubai, UAE recently. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, vice-president of the Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group, presided over the inaugural function, which was also attended by members of the Thumbay Group Board. With the inauguration of the Marhaba Lounge, the hospital has formally launched Marhaba Service; a range of personalised services for patients. Dr Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi launched the new medical tourism packages of the hospital. Delivering personalised services and minimising inconveniences, the Marhaba Service fast-tracks patients’ requirements. A patient arriving at the Marhaba Longue would have his/her registration formalities, consultation, examination/diagnosis, procedures, documentation, billing etc are done on priority, requiring minimal waiting times. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, said: “Marhaba is an exclusive fast-track service that makes your visit to Thumbay Hospital a pleasant experience.”