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Thumbay Labs


Thumbay Labs is now one of the largest chains of College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited private labs in the region, offering a wide portfolio of advanced tests with proven standards in quality, accuracy and precision.

In addition to the central facility, the Center for Advanced Biomedical research and Innovation (CABRI) located in the GMU campus, state-of-the-art Thumbay Labs are present at all Thumbay Hospitals. The brand recently entered the Indian diagnostic market with an advanced lab in Thumbay Hospital – Hyderabad.

Thumbay Labs is the largest chain of diagnostic labs in the private sector in UAE. Considering the region as a whole, Thumbay Labs are among the largest service providers in terms of the range of tests available, the number of diagnostic tests done and revenue. In the UAE alone,  Thumbay Labs registers an income approximately onefifth the yearly market of the country, from its facilities
in hospitals, clinics and standalone units.

Thumbay Labs’ comprehensive modern facilities offer unique advantages such as complete end-to-end automation, online report availability, automated email report dispatch, research and referral facilities, QMS expertise, etc. Thumbay Labs also undertakes hospital lab management and has entered into acquisitions/mergers in a big way, with plans to further expand its presence